Story of Naqda

Commitment to preserving tradition

Staying true to Abadia’s commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship in a sustainable manner, this collection sees the introduction of a new technique -Naqda, into the existing community of artisans who thrive under Abadia’s creative and innovative platform and direction.

Our commitment to the artisanal community is a long term investment, where we are continuously searching for new techniques to incorporate into our brand. With each new technique that we nurture and develop, we are increasing our impact and reinventing traditional craftsmanship so that these age-old traditions and the value they carry can continue to be passed on for generations to come. 


Naqda is the Arabic term for the measuring unit of silverweight. Naqda embroidery uses thin strands of metal that come in either gold or silver that are pulled through cloth using a special needle. This form of metal weaving technique is a meticulous and repetitive process where patterns are formed on fabric like tulle, cotton and silk. Traditional motifs include geometric and floral patterns. 

It has its origins scattered across the Arabian Peninsula, and is a craft that has been passed down generations under various different names depending on the region it took root from.


The artisans who worked on the Naqda designs in SS20 come from a training center in Egypt. This center was started by artist Saad Zagloul in 1994 and his daughter is currently a master artisan who continues to pass on his legacy and the craft.

I LEARNT THE CRAFT FROM AN ELDERLY LADY BACK THEN AND I TRAINED 5 women to become instructors. the cycle continued and we have trained over 500 women to date.
Manal, master artisaN

Just as Manal feels a sense of responsibility to protect this craft that was carefully handed down to her by her elders, we at Abadia feel a sense of responsibility towards creating and supporting a sustainable ecosystem for artisans to thrive in.

Naqda has been specially sought out and chosen to be integrated into the design of SS20’s collection. This is a collection that bears the proud stamp of our interconnectedness – from us at Abadia, to the artisans we work with, to you. 

ARE INTERTWINED. and we are all in this together.