The Farwa

The farwa is an oversized floor length coat traditionally worn by Bedouin men to survive the cold desert winters. Often made with dark-coloured wool and lined with sheepskin, the farwa is a winter staple for men in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

In line with our mission to preserve culture and heritage through modern design, we have reimagined the traditional farwa from a menswear garment to a contemporary luxury coat for the modern woman. We release limited new iterations of the Abadia farwa every season and each incorporates handcrafted details created by our skilled female artisans.

The details of the Abadia farwa proudly tell a story of craftsmanship, culture and heritage. Under the creative direction of Abadia, Saudi artisans use skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations to handcraft detailed sadu pieces that are then carefully incorporated into the final wearable designs. The label provides a sustainable income for the artisans and aims to preserve the traditional weaving and embroidery skills for generations to come.

At Abadia, sustainability is one of our core values and the brand is on a continual journey to source materials that are made in a way that cause as little environmental impact as possible. For example, the traditional farwa is often lined with fur or sheepskin, however Abadia has a strict no fur policy and uses faux fur. The brand is also experimenting with recycled fiber faux fur.

We were honoured and humbled when Queen Rania chose to wear an Abadia farwa for Princess Salma’s graduation from the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst.

We hope to see women across the world proudly wearing the Saudi farwa, an item that carries with it so much cultural pride and identity. 

IMAGE: Okhtein

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